PLEASE NOTE – Geological Institute of India Diamond Grading Reports are not issued for lab grown diamonds, treated diamonds, diamonds that have undergone any unstable treatments or laser-treated.

Geological Institute of India’s Diamond Grading report is a world-recognized credential about the diamond’s quality and authenticity.
The Geological Institute of India’s diamond grading report is a through in-depth quality “Analysis” of the diamond or diamonds mounted on piece of jewellery. We make our report world-class by identifying and mentioning any black inclusions on the report.

Our grading report includes a detailed assessment of a diamond’s 4Cs that are important parameters to determine the value and price of the diamond.

Our report even mentions the optical features of the diamond with a detailed photograph that can be an assured reference document for the buyer and seller. The Geological Institute of India Diamond Grading Report is an important certification for the branding, and quality of the diamond in the Gemological market.


Our report even includes a graphical representation of diamond’s proportion and clarity characteristics. For exceptions, like a standard round diamond falling in D to Z color range, we provide an IGL-International Diamond Cut Grade at no extra cost.