Requisites for Enrolling in the Diploma Courses –
These specially designed courses by G.I.I provide detailed information regarding the identification of different gemstones and diamonds. You will get exposure to the universally recognized principles of evaluating and grading cut gems.

List of Courses Designed by G.I.I :

  • Gem Identification Certificate course
  • Rudraksha Identification Certificate course
  • Diamond Grading Certificate course
  • Gemstone Grading Certificate course

About Geological Institute of India

Geological Institute of India, an ISO certified and a recognized member of Gems and Jewellery Promotion Council.
A subsidiary of Geological Institute India Pvt. Ltd, established in the year 2019 it is now India’s foremost authority in the world of diamond, gemstone and Rudraksha grading and certification. Equipped with the largest number of gemological laboratories located in PAN India, the Geological Institute of India has the highest standards and operating ethics that is recognized worldwide.

The institute is growing to become a world leader in the segment of gemology by making ground breaking research and discoveries that are increasing the knowledge, research, and unbiased grading systems and analysis of gemstones.
Founded by Mr. Roshan Kumar Jha, the branches of Geological Institute of India are expanding to different corners of the world like India, Germany and Many More Country Under process.

Besides providing quality-oriented and trusted grading reports, G.I.I India also offers the best education and diploma courses in Diamond Grading and Jewellery Designing. The institute has launched various International Recognized Diploma courses with certification covering the wide spectrum of Diamond grading, gemstone analysis and jewellery designing, giving you the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to learn from Industry Experts.

These specially designed diploma courses are the best medium to transform your love for jewellery and diamonds into an inspiring career of passion and enrichment.
G.I.I INDIA has built a strong infrastructure foundation in India with more than 10-20 laboratories in Delhi, INDIA, currently headed by Mr. ROSHAN KUMAR JHA.
Mr. Roshan has in his 10 years of wide experience in gemstone, pearlstone and Rudraksha identification, diamond grading certification.
A supreme leader with innovative knowledge and honest ethics, Mr. Roshan Kumar jha is creating a supreme force in the gemological segment, The Geological Institute of India.

The Institute is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct, privacy and professional behavior in each of our interactions with our clients who utilize the Laboratories services for identification, analysis and grading services. The Institute is committed to continue our fair business practices and the fair treatment of all of our clients without any discrimination or personal bias.