Each gemstone report issued by Geological Institute of India, Delhi are globally accepted and acknowledged. The reports are specifically concluded on the basis of expert analysis of stone/jewellery submitted to a skilled panel of gemmologists for inspection and testing. We hereby, inform that all our tests are conducted as per the recent scientific tests performed with updated Gemmological equipments and tools.
Our gemstone certification report are unique and quality class; which identifies black coloured inclusions in on the stone.

The Geological Institute of India report is based on accurate gem analysis to identify the original type of the gemstone and data like shape, size, weight, refractive index, cut, color, primary characteristics, natural gemstone photo, country of origin. The report will not have any disclosure about the price of the gemstone or the market value of the gemstone. Our certification is a statement about the authenticity and reliability of the gemstone to represent the trust and confidence in the entire gemmological segment.

For Gemstone identification, the customer can submit the gemstone in the form of Cut and polished, rough, mounted in jewellery, carving, and beads (Loose or in string).

This category is further divided in two categories

Single gemstone identification – is issued for a single gemstone. In the report we even mention any detected treatments / enhancements conducted on the stone to ensure the customer gets a fair representation about the gemstone. The report will not have any information in regards to the pricing and current market value of the stone.

Packet lot identification report – We need a minimum of 5 gemstones of same category to conduct this type of identification report. The report will mention any detected treatments/ enhancements conducted on the stone to provide a through detailed analysis. The report shall not be subjected to reverification.