Computer Designing is the need of the hour to increase productivity and ROI. Every person has the basic knowledge of working on a computer and hence, we have introduced THE COMPUTER DESIGNING DETAILS COURSE at our GEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF INDIA to produce smart and seasoned designers.
We make this course fun and full of learning for students using computer design software like Corel Draw, Photoshop, and other software that create computerized designs.
The course even introduces them with the complications, copyrights infringements and manipulations that come up while use Computer Aided Designing techniques.
While working with Overseas clients, the design needs to be submitted in a computerized form only.
The course helps to not only achieve accuracy in jewellery designing but also helps to set foot in the overseas designing market by online platforms or seeking employment in overseas market.
Students are taught rendering to give each design a real look. It also includes technical drawing, alignment and detailing of designs to create a presentable design.
The eligibility for the course is 12th Std pass from a recognized board. Students can also get their own laptops in the class for study. The exams shall consist of 80% practical and designing sessions, interaction quizzes and theory set of questions.
The decision of qualifying for the certificate course rests with the panel of experts only and no other influence shall be entertained by the Geological Institute of India.